little.egg Productions/Green Chair Studios started in the late 1980s as a fringe theatre production company (Ensemble '90) and over the decades grew to be a production company specialising in music videos. In most recent years little.egg Productions expanded to become a successful short film production company.

Actress Tahnee Nordegg, who also holds a BA(Hons) in screenwriting and producing from Regent's University of London has taken over little.egg Productions as CEO in January 2018, expanding services and growing influence as well as providing expertise from her profound all-around knowledge of the business.

What services do we provide?

Well basically we'll do everything that concerns film-production.

We offer preproduction, production and post-production services, music videos, short films as well as full length productions.

We also provide years of experience and knowledge in coaching body language and speech and presentation for all kinds of purposes - speaking in front of crowds, court appearances, sales presentations, voice and vocal coaching, being on stage and on-camera (very important in times of video conferences).

We provide these services for the languages English, German and French.

little.egg Productions, another branch of atelier nordegg.berkh that stands for quality work and services in the arts and applied arts for years.

For inquiries do not hesitate to contact little.egg Productions via