Jonathan Berkh:

"Chaos follows laws (of nature, physics) such as entropy, uniform distribution, mutual attraction and repulsion, interactions, etc. We generally call chaos something whose meaning, structures and order we do not know or recognize. Perfect chaos is balance, harmony, and beauty. The universe and nature untouched by man, are chaotic structures that are constantly changing because these laws are active, persistently working and not instead fixed. Therefore, our reality is very fragile, especially in our time. One moment it is peace, the next it is war. We go to sleep in a democracy and wake up the next day in an autocracy. Climate change, natural disasters. My works are abstract representations of these endangered, collapsing, tumbling, tumultuous and changing structures of ecological, economic, sociological, ideological, and psychological nature."

Kaleidoscope: The Multiform Vision of Jonathan Berkh

by Vanni Rinaldi

Art is often a mirror of the soul, a reflection of the experiences, influences, and complexities of the human mind. Jonathan Berkh, a Viennese artist of international resonance, through his extraordinary solo exhibition entitled "Kaleidoscope", directs us into a world of articulated perspectives

With more than two decades as a contemporary artist, Berkh has had an eclectic career spanning the choreographic and visual arts. His background as a contemporary jazz dancer and choreographer has helped shape his artistic vision, emphasizing the different perspectives of the participants - choreographers, dancers, and audiences. This multidimensional perspective emerges as a common thread in his works, where structures, choreography, and external and internal elements interact in an intricate system of bodies, spaces, structures, thoughts and soul.

Dance is a key-element of his work, as Berkh has been able to capture physical movement and the fluidity of bodily expression while keeping his choreographic roots intact. This aspect gives his works a unique dynamism and depth that reflects the continuous interaction between body and space.

Berkh has taken his art all over the world, with exhibitions and participation in art events ranging from Vienna to Eindhoven, Madrid to Milan. His career suffered a brief hiatus between 2009 and 2015, but this period helped forge a new creative vision, demonstrating his dedication to his art.

The exhibition "Kaleidoscope" offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in Berkh's psychology and unconscious. His works are a celebration of harmony and complexity. The word "kaleidoscope" turns out to be a leitmotif in his works, embodying the phantasmagorical alternation of lights, colors, images, and figures. Berkh challenges viewers to find harmony in the apparent chaos, to discover meaning in the ruins, to dream through the vivid and vibrant colors of his works.

His work is psychological by nature, communicating through deep layers and subtext. Berkh is an educated and simultaneously fashionable artist, an instinctive but wise individual, and his works invite reflection while conveying intense emotions.

Berkh's words reveal the creative process behind his works, in which he deconstructs and reorganizes materials, exploring their limits and potential. His use of a variety of materials, from acrylic to Chinese ink, highlights his versatility and his desire to explore new avenues of expression.

Jonathan Berkh's exhibition "Kaleidoscope" is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the art of a visionary, to discover new perspectives and to appreciate the complexity that can emerge from deconstructing the world. His ability to simplify the complex, to find harmony in apparent chaos, is a testament to the power of art to inspire and communicate deeply with the human soul.

Viennese artist Jonathan Berkh has been actively working in the contemporary art world since 2000, bringing with him a unique perspective that stems from his training as a contemporary jazz dancer and choreographer. His work is imbued with a deep interest in the different perspectives of "participants"-choreographers, dancers, and audiences - and how external and internal choreography and structures influence and shape everyone's experience in this intricate system of bodies in constant motion. Influences from dance merge with his artistic exploration, keeping physical movement as a fundamental element of his works.

Jonathan Berkh's career experienced personal challenges between 2009 and 2015, during which he had to devote his attention to family matters. However, this interruption never halted his creative evolution. Now, in 2023, Berkh is preparing to present his work in several international exhibitions, demonstrating an artistic renaissance that he faces with fervor.

Berkh's work is distinguished by his ability to deconstruct and reassemble complex structures, whether intellectual, architectural, natural, or conceptual. This ability allows him to explore interchangeable structures and systems abstractly, opening spaces for new perspectives and creations. The process of analyzing and restructuring structures is fundamental to his artistic work.

In the artist's words, "First I fully accept structures, then after analyzing and reorganizing them, only then can I move freely."

Jonathan Berkh's works reflect his penchant for analyzing structures, taking the viewer on a psychological journey through the unconscious. His art is a vibrant harmony, a kaleidoscope of lights, colors, images, and figures that can be interpreted in multiple ways. His work has the ability to positively inspire and communicate profound messages.

Berkh is an educated artist with a fashion sensibility, shrewd instincts, and innate wisdom. His works provoke deep reflections and at the same time intense emotions. The vivid and brilliant colors of his creations lead viewers into a world of dream and wonder.

The artist says, "When I work, I explore how far a material can stretch, deconstructing its capabilities and characteristics. It is crucial to respect the limitations of each material, and only by fully understanding them does one make the most of them."

Jonathan Berkh's art is a form of simplification, a deconstruction of the world to better understand it. He divides complexities into comprehensible parts and portrays thoughts in simple ways. His work with various materials, from deconstructed canvases to acrylics and Chinese ink, reflects his experimental nature and desire to explore the expressive potential of each medium.

Jonathan Berkh's solo exhibition is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of an artist who defies convention, explores the complexity of structures, and invites the audience on a compelling artistic journey.